Associate of Applied Science in Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry Degree is designed to equip students to effectively minister to young people who are 12 to 25 years of age. The students will learn to carry out their leadership role with a youth group by demonstrating effective pastoral talents. 

Experience will be gained through hands-on involvement with the vibrant Next Harvest youth ministry. 

Students will be equipped in the following areas:
  • Planning and implementing creative and appropriate events for youth;
  • Understanding the developmental needs of each age bracket within the group;
  • Developing a Christ-centered ministry to youth and their families;
  • Assisting youth with their emotional, social, family and other personal needs;
  • Training youth leaders;
  • Applying God’s Word to current issues in the world and in the lives of the youth;
  • Understanding personal and ministerial accountability;
  • Effective preaching and teaching to young people;
  • Evangelization and mentoring new Christians;
  • People skills and interpersonal relationships;
  • Communications and relationships with parents;
  • An effective presence on the high school campus;
  • The ability to minister to youth from all socioeconomic, cultural or ethnic groups;
  • Serving as a model of consistent Christian character and lifestyle;
  • Recruiting, selecting, training, and motivating adult youth leaders;
  • Designing effective youth activities;
  • Conducting well-planned, meaningful retreats and camps;
  • Proclaim God’s Word accurately and effectively.

Upon satisfactory completion of the Associate of Applied Science program in Youth Ministries, the graduate should be able to:
  • Devise and articulate a sound biblical philosophy of youth ministry that will address the spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual concerns of the adolescent life;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics of and cultural influences upon today’s youth;
  • Develop a Spirit-filled ministry to youth in a church or para-church organization in diverse socio-cultural settings;
  • Acquire methods and materials necessary for effective ministry to youth;
  • Mentor young believers in their own devotion to Christ and in becoming effective in their witness and ministry.
Total Required Courses = 65 or 66 Credit Hours

General Education – 22 or 23 credit hours
CM 101                 Introduction to Communication                                3 hours
CM 201 Fundamentals of Speech 2 hours
EN 111 Intermediate Composition  3 hours
EN 112 Advanced Composition 3 hours
PS103 Success in College 1 hour
SS 202 Marriage and Family 3 hours
TBD College Math & Algebra or Science 3/4 hour
TBD Social Science 3 hours
SS 400 Capstone Course 1 hour
Biblical Studies – 13 credit hours
BI 101                   Old Testament History                                                3 hours
BI 102 New Testament History 3 hours
BI 104 Bible Study Methods 2 hours
BI 201 Life of Christ 2 hours
BI 202 Acts 3 hours
Theology and Applied Ministries – 30 credit hours
CE 202 Introduction to Christian/Youth Education              3 hours
PM 104 Spiritual Formation 3 hours
PM 209 Introduction to Preaching 3 hours
PM 210 Preaching Lab 1 hour
PM 222 Pastoral Theology 2 hours
PM 250 Pastoral Care 2 hours
PS 202/SS 212 Crisis Counseling or Sociology of American Youth 2 hours
YM 133 Youth Discipleship and Evangelism 3 hours
YM 203 Youth Pastors: Programs and Ministry 3 hours
YM 220 Strategies for Youth Ministry 3 hours
TH 101 Theology I 2 hours
TH 102 Theology II 2 hours
  Electives 3-4 hour

Social Science options (Comparative Religions, General Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Philosophy or any History course).